James Joyce in Zurich : A Guide

This book offers a comprehensive account of James Joyce and Zurich, one of the four cities (including Dublin, Trieste and Paris) in which he spent significant parts of his life. As a refugee during World War I, Joyce wrote a substantial part of Ulysses in Zurich and subsequently visited the city regularly during the 1930s. Finally, a refugee for the second time, he died there on 13 January 1941 and is buried in Fluntern Cemetery. This guide is conceived both as a book that may be read in its entirety or consulted selectively for specific information. An introduction and three chapters, Joyce in Zurich, Zurich in Joyce and Zurich after Joyce, are followed by sixty alphabetically ordered articles on people, places, institutions and events relevant to Joyce during his time in Zurich. Linked by cross-references and an index, they provide a rich, kaleidoscopic view of Joyce’s Zurich.