Stray Dogs: Dog Days

The follow-up to 2021’s surprise cartoon/horrorsmash hit, STRAY DOGS! In DOG DAYS, each of the Strays gets their moment toshine with a series of vicious short stories. Questions are answered, mysteriessolved and old wounds get torn open. This genre bending thrill ride takes thereader from the first dog he captured to the final moments at the Master’shouse of horrors. STRAY DOGS: DOG DAYS is a heartbreakinglyadorable horror anthology by My Little Pony comic artists TONY FLEECS and TRISHFORSTNER. In this collection… Every dog has itsday. “Another suspenseful and gut-wrenchingjourney into darkness that blends Don Bluth-inspired cuteness withHitchcock-level terror.” — LotuslandComics”The bold artwork combines with vividstorytelling, all of which wraps around the reader’s heart and refuses to letgo.” — Monkeys Fighting RobotsCollects STRAY DOGS: DOG DAYS #1 & 2 and theSTRAY DOGS FCBD PROLOGUE