The Wizards’ Banquet

A rollicking fairy-tale adventure full of magical mayhem, from the makers of The Adventures of Alfie Onion, The Cherry Pie Princess and Tom & Tallulah and the Witches’ Feast. Pippin Potts is a helpful boy, which is exactly what forgetful wizard Abacus Peridot is looking for in an assistant who can help him get to the Wizards’ Centenary Banquet, so that he can be the hundredth wizard to arrive and win the golden cup. On their journey the pair soon bump into evil wizard Boldways Grime and mischievous elf Kitty Scarper who are secretly plotting against them. But Pippin is determined. With help from the magical Ms Latterly Pot and trusty crow Mavis, can Pippin guide Master Abacus through the Nine Hen Hills, cross the Rumbling Rocks and pass the Neverending Forest in time to win the golden cup? Vivian French’s funny and uplifting story is brought to life by Marta Kissi’s warm illustrations – the result is a charming book that’s not to be missed!

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories

A book of beautiful, lively retellings of classic ballet storiesFrom Swan Lake to The Firebird, and The Nutcracker to Coppelia, Vivian French breathes new life into seven ballet favourites in her timeless, gloriously-immersive retellings. Her words are perfectly complemented by Lauren O’Hara’s characterful illustrations, which strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, and the result is a treasury which shimmers with the magic of the ballet … certain to leave readers of all ages spellbound!

Maps: From Anna to Zane : First Skills series

A whimsical story about learning to use maps, perfect for very young children. One day, Anna’s friend Zane sends her an invitation: Come to tea tomorrow! This is the way to my home. Love, Zane. Inside the envelope, there’s a MAP. Anna soon decides to make a map of her own, too … and before long, Dad and even Whiskers the cat are in on the fun. From routes to symbols, point of view and scale, join Anna and her dad as they explore the wonderful world of maps – with words by Vivian French, storyteller extraordinaire, and delightful pictures by rising star Ya-Ling Huang.