Unnamed Memory, Vol. 1 (manga)

My wish is for you to become my wife!”DENIED!Witches-thecenturies-old mages that command power immense enough to bringcatastrophe. Oscar, the crown prince of the powerful kingdom of Farsas, was cursed asayoung boy to never sire an heir. Hoping to break the magic, he seeks outTinasha,the strongest witch on the continent. To meet her, he climbs hertower, as she is said togrant the wish of any who successfully do so. Yet,when he arrives at the top…herequests that Tinasha become hisbride!

Unnamed Memory, Vol. 6 (light novel)

The Eleterria, powerful twin orbs with the power to change the past. Oscarand Tinashahave one, but the other has vanished. Even alone, the mysteriousartifact can changethe course of history, and there are many who will stopat nothing to obtain it. Withdanger erupting from all around as theirwedding approaches, will the king and witchbe able to protect the orb fromfalling into the wrong hands? The pair’s nameless storyof love andadventure comes to a climactic end!

Unnamed Memory, Vol. 5 (light novel)

Tinasha has finally managed to break Oscar’s curse. With seeminglynothing left to keep her in Farsas, she returns to the Magic Empire of Tuldarrto claim the throne as queen. Yet just as the two are about to part ways, theWitch of Silence, the very woman who cursed Oscar when he was a child, makes herappearance. Evidently, Oscar and Tinasha’s time together isn’t overjust yet, but will they survive long enough for it to mean anything?

Unnamed Memory, Vol. 4 (light novel)

When Oscar travels to the Magic Empire of Tuldar to break his curse, hediscovers a girlnamed Tinasha sleeping in the castle and returns home withher. As it turns out, shenot only possesses the overwhelming power requiredto lift the curse but is also next inline for the throne. Curiously, despitehaving never met Oscar before, she immediatelyharbors strong affections forhim… “Would you please marry me?””No. Where did that even comefrom?”