The Rise of Islam : History of Islam

A Classic title from The Islamic Foundation. This book is an illustrated presentation of how one of the world’s great religions, Islam, came into existence. The true story of how Allah’s last Prophet, Muhammad established Islam in 7th century Arabia. It describes his eventful life with all the challenges and his eventual victory. His youth as an orphan, his impeccable character as a young man, his loyalty in marriage, his integrity in business affairs, his compassion for the poor, his justice against oppressors, his mercy and generosity to those who had humiliated him and his unflinching faith in Allah, these are all vividly portrayed. This graphic novel format provides readers with an immersive experience of life in 7th century Arabia. Although the events unfold in a particular place and time, the values they reflect are universal. The book shows how truth triumphs over falsehood; courage confronts cowardice, justice overcomes oppression, hope defeats despair and showing mercy is far nobler than taking revenge. These universal lessons are as relevant and inspiring today as they were 1,400 years ago.