The Perfect Cake

Read together, then bake together-because together is where the magic happens. Sometimes the perfect cake is a cake from the heart. This deliciously sweet story has a cup of heart, a pint of problem solving, and a whole lot of love. Yo loves to bake. One day, when her grandparents are coming for a visit, Yo has a delicious idea. She’s going to bake the perfect family cake. But the chocolate layer sticks, the banana layer sags, and the icing is an ooey, gooey mess. Yo finds just the right solutions to save her cake until…the unthinkable happens. Is Yo’s cake ruined forever or is it perfect after all? The Perfect Cake isn’t just a storybook-it’s also a baking book! After following Yo’s adventure trying to make a cake for her family, readers can make their own “perfect” cakes (with adult supervision, of course!) using the two beginner-friendly recipes at the back of the book. The Perfect Cake is the perfect way to spend a day making sweet memories with the entire family.