Pip’s Book

A small story with countless interactive opportunities. – Kirkus ReviewsI’m Pip and this is my book. Hold on, I hear someone else. Ah, my friend Timothy Vanderlong. Timothy is the longest dog in the world. Would you like to see Timothy?A funny book about Pip and his friend Timothy Vanderlong. For children ages 3 years and up.

Poppy’s Own Spot

A poetical story about living in harmony with nature. For little observers ages 4 years and up. One day, the sun tells a little poppy that it’s time to bud. The little poppy soon learns that everything belongs together. The sun, moon, stars, earth, rain, bees, butterflies, and flowers all need each other.

Little Kangaroo

Bestselling title is now a board book!”This is a good option to help young and older children with separation anxiety.” – School Library Journal The world is big … Much, much bigger than Mother Kangaroo’s pouch. But Little Kangaroo would rather stay with Mommy, where it’s safer, warmer and easier. Mom tries to show Little Kangaroo all that life has to offer. It does no good at first, but then… A splendid picture book about letting go in a loving way.

How Many?

As undeniably charming as a child’s beloved stuffie. – Kirkus ReviewsThere are those who havetheir hands full with one stuffed toy. Others have no less than ten. No matter how many you have,cuddles are wonderful!A sweet and cozy cuddle bookthat also teaches how to count to ten. For toddlers ages 2 years and up.

Little White Fish and the Strange Thing

Internationally bestselling series Little White Fish, from author & illustrator Guido Van Genechten, has sold over 600,000 copies!One morning Little White Fish discovers something extraordinary. It smells strange, it feels strange, and it doesn’t taste very good . . . Together with his friends, Little White Fish tries to figure out what this strange thing is. A story with activities that stimulate the senses. For curious little fish ages 2.5 years and up.

Because I Love You So Much

A heartwarming polar bear story aboutlove and tenderness for all ages. Snowy the polar bear already knows a lot:where the yummy fishes swim, what a snowflaketastes like, that the wind can hug or bite, and whenthe sun and the moon are in the sky. He also knowshow far he can go from Mommy and still be safe. Of course, there are things that Snowy doesn’t quiteunderstand yet, but he does know the answerto the most important question . . .