Like Ability : The Truth About Popularity

This is a practical, insightful workbook for teens about popularity: what it is, why some kinds are healthier than others, and how teens can grow their social intelligence and develop the confidence they need to feel more connected to their family, peers, and community. Each chapter includes personal stories, science and research, and practical recommendations, along with activities that will help teens reflect on the book’s key concepts and build skills for the real world. Asking probing questions like Popularity: What is It?, Who Has It and How Did They Get It?, What is Likeability?, What is Status?andWhy Do We Want It?the book goes on to explore The Science Behind Popularity, Cue Encoding and Cue Interpretation, Finding the Right Kind of Popularity, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, Complicated Relationships, The Role of Influencers, How to Be a Likable, How to Avoid Temptation to Become a Status-Seeker and Staying True to Who You Are. All that teens need to know about popularity is covered in this engaging book.