Wilma the Brave

From the author of the bestselling No Matter What comes an epic tale of bravery and Viking adventure. Wilma belongs to a family of fearsome Viking warriors. She has BIG plans. She wants to sail the seven seas, slay the Monster of the Deep . . . and still be home in time to read a bedtime saga. Her older brothers all laugh. ‘You’re just a GIRL,’ they say. ‘Real adventures are for boys.’ But when Wilma’s baby brother Harald escapes to sea on a Viking longboat, it’s up to her to rescue him – and prove that adventures are for EVERYONE!Heart-warming, inspiring and wonderfully feminist, Wilma’s story shows that strength and courage belong to ALL of us. ‘The literary equivalent of a big hug’ – The Times on NO MATTER WHAT’An instant childhood classic’ – Independent on Sunday on NO MATTER WHAT’Simply delightful, utterly heart-warming and brimful of hope’ – Library Mice on DRAGON LOVES PENGUIN

Little Owl’s New Friend

_______________From the author of the bestselling No Matter What comes another story about Little Owl… and this time he does NOT want to make new friends!Little Owl doesn’t want to play with Small Squirrel. No, no, NO!He wants to play with his bestest best toy, Hedge. Besides, friends are no fun, right? Small Squirrel talks too much and eats all the cinnamon buns too. But what if this new friendship involves adventures with bears and ghosts and all sorts of exciting things? It looks like Little Owl is in for the most fun day EVER!From the creators of Little Owl’s Egg, Little Owl’s First Day, Little Owl’s Bedtime and Little Owl’s Bathtime comes another gloriously heart-warming and imaginative story. Filled with Alison Brown’s beautiful artwork, it’s perfect for any little ones worried about making friends.