Emperor’s Fate

Massacres, invasions, plots. An Emperor on the edge. An Empire in peril.Caracalla is on the warpath. Time, he has decided, to put his enemies in their place. To invade the Parthians at the edge of the Empire. To destroy everything in his way. For Imperial Assassin Silus, this is a time of crisis. Forced to guard the Emperor as part of his elite bodyguard, Silus knows that the situation is untenable. As everything threatens to crumble, Silus must make the ultimate choice… and face the ultimate sacrifice. The question is simple: will he turn traitor, for the sake of the Empire and the sake of his conscience? Or is loyalty, and the life of his charge Tituria, more important? As innocents die, as blood flows, as the Roman legions march on an epic scale, one thing is clear. It’s decision time. The thrilling climax to Alex Gough’s bestselling series, perfect for fans of Anthony Riches, Ben Kane and Bernard Cornwell.

Emperor’s Lion

A single death could plunge the Empire into chaos.Silus, member of Emperor Caracalla’s elite assassins, the Arcani, is dispatched to Numidia. Rumours of assassination plots against Marcellus, the Emperor’s closest aide, are rife. Silus must stop them. But the forces arrayed against the Arcani are now as powerful as they are clandestine. Inducted into the Emperor’s bodyguard, his Lions, Silus soon discovers secrets that should have stayed hidden. And as the Emperor becomes ever more reckless in battle, Silus unearths a conspiracy that runs deeper than his worst nightmares. It’s not clear who is a friend, and who an enemy. Yet come what may Silus must keep the Emperor alive or – yet again – watch the ones he loves die. An awe-inspiring historical thriller of Ancient Rome, perfect for fans of Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.