The Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath

Shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the 2022 British Fantasy Awards Fight the Storm. Protect your people. The endless rotstorm rages over the ruins of the Ferron Empire. Flore would never let the slavers of the Empire rise again. As a warrior of the Stormguard Commandos, she wrought horrors in the rotstorm to protect her people. She did her duty and left the bloodshed behind. Fight for your family. Flore’s peace is shattered when blazing orbs of light cut through the night sky and descend on her village. Her daughter is abducted and Flore is forced into a chase across a land of twisted monsters and ancient gods. She must pursue the mysterious orbs, whose presence could herald the return of the Empire she spent her entire life fighting. Destroy your enemies. Now, Flore must take up the role she had sworn to put aside and become the weapon the Stormguard trained her to be, to save not only her daughter, but her people… Read this action-packed and unique fantasy adventure from debut Scottish author, Ian Green. Perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series or Sam Sykes’ Seven Blades In Black.

The Gauntlet and the Burning Blade

In the second instalment of the Rotstorm series, heroine Flore must continue to fight back against the encroaching children of the storm – but now her daughter Marta is dying, too. Can Flore save her daughter, and her people, from threats familiar and new?Break the chains. Hold your strength. Burn your foes.Once a warrior of the Stormguard Commandos, Flore wrought horrors in the rotstorm to protect her people. She did her duty and swore to leave the bloodshed behind. But when her daughter, Marta, was kidnapped, Flore was forced to once again raise her gauntlet against the devils of Ferron to bring her home.Now Marta is dying from the skein-magic she inherited from her father, and the Protectorate is weakened by the absence of the whitestaffs. The mystical order of healers and sages fled to their island citadel of Riven when strange orbs cut through the night.Flore and her comrades must race to find a cure for Marta, to find the truth of the whitestaffs’ betrayal, and to fight back against the encroaching children of the storm.Flore has taken up her gauntlets and her sword to keep her people safe – but steel alone might not be enough…’Excellent, vivid worldbuilding… A gripping story with cinematic detail’ British Fantasy Society’Epic action, deep world-building, and colourful characters make for a magical debut, forged in compelling inspirations… There’s plenty more magic to come’ The Publishing Planet