Walter and Willy in Outer Space

A funny book about friends helping friends, creative problem solving . . . and traveling through space. For astronauts ages 5 years and up. Up, up, and away! Willy wants to become the first piggy in outer space. But how? With Walter’s help, of course. They try several ideas, but nothing works. Not even a trampoline! Then, with a wish and some imagination, the friends decide to build their own rocket ship.

Goldie Fox and the Three Hares

A fresh version of a familiar tale. For clever foxes and hares ages 4 years and up. Goldie Fox would like a nice dinner of hare. With a clever plan, she tries to lure the Hare family into a trap. But Mama Hare soon realizes what Goldie is up to. Can the Hares outsmart her?

A Better Way to Bell a Cat

A familiar story told with a bit of pathos, ending with camaraderie and some suspense. – Kirkus ReviewsElwood, Bernardo, and Vincent enjoy a nice, easy life. Until the humans bring home . . . MEOW! Oh, no, a cat in the house! Goodbye, lazy days. Unless the mice succeed in their plan, of course!A funny story about a new roommate and clever, scheming mice. For mouse and cat lovers ages 5 years and up.