Steam Stories Visiting the Orchestra : First Art Words

With bright, energetic illustrations, and simple, rhyming text, Visiting the Orchestra follows Emma and John as they visit an orchestra during practice. They hold their ears as the musicians tune their instruments, watch in awe as the conductor takes her place at the head of the orchestra, and listen as each instrument gets a chance to play . . . culminating in a tap of the baton . . . What’s that sound everyone hears?The most lovely melody fills the hall. And it’s music to our ears!

Steam Stories Scientists for a Day : First Science Words

First Science STEAM words for Preschoolers!Children love hands on science experiments, and they love learning new words! And in Scientists for a Day, John and Emma get to spend the day with Emma’s mom, who is a real scientist! They visit the laboratory, where they don their safety goggles and lab coats. They watch Emma’s mom pour a liquid from a boiling flask into a beaker. The steam that rises is a chemical reaction! They also get to see tiny cells through a microscope, and after lunch, they even do a fun experiment of their own!Written with preschool curriculum vocabulary words in mind, each page features one or more science term, all of which are defined on the last spread. Relatable and entertaining, the story ends with Emma and John wanting to grow up to be scientist!