A Relentless Rake

For fans of Grace Burrowes, Sarah Maclean, and Bridgerton, USA Today bestselling author Anna Harrington brings you a sexy feminist historical romance with:An unapologetic rake attempting to cover up his pastA rule-following heroine unafraid to speak her mindThrilling action and mysteryPassionate attraction that overrides their deepest resistanceNotorious rake, Alexander Sinclair, Earl of St James, takes pride in displaying his sins. When he’s tasked by the Home Office with finding the men who attempted to assassinate the prime minister, his hunt leads him to Olivia Everett, a most proper schoolmistress who wants nothing to do with a profligate nobleman like him. Unknown to her, Olivia’s brother Henry has been working with the revolutionary group planning to overthrow the government. Shocked and hoping to save her brother, Olivia agrees to help the persuasive earl. But they closer they get to uncovering the villains, the more Alec and Olivia will need to trust each other. Praise for Anna Harrington:”As steamy as it is luscious. My favorite kind of historical!”-Grace Burrowes, New York Times bestselling author, for Dukes Are Forever”Harrington is a rising star…plenty of both love and danger.”-Booklist STARRED Review for An Inconvenient Duke”Swoon-worthy historical romance… I wholly rooted for their happy ending.”-One Book More for An Unexpected Earl

A Remarkable Rogue

Fans of Bridgerton and steamy, mysterious Regency romance will swoon for USA Today bestselling author Anna Harrington’s newest book!A deadly organization determined to overthrow the governmentA rebel with a secret she’ll do anything to protectThe steadfast soldier who’ll defend her at any costSizzling attraction that could burn them bothLady Sydney Rowland, Baroness Rowland, has spent a lifetime keeping secrets, one of them being her young son. Now that the husband she despised is dead, she’ll do anything to get her son back and protect him however she can. And that includes risking her life when she’s coerced into working for a revolutionary group determined to overthrow the government. Captain Nathaniel Reed has heard of Sydney’s involvement with Scepter. Though he quickly learns that Sydney is innocent, he’s determined to keep the secretive widow at arm’s length despite the attraction that burns between them. But when she turns to him for help, nothing will stop him from coming to her aid and showing her exactly what she means to him… “Steamy…sweet…luscious. My favorite kind of historical!”-GRACE BURROWES, New York Times bestselling author, for Dukes Are Forever”A touching and tempestuous romance, with all the ingredients Regency fans adore.”-GAELEN FOLEY, New York Times bestselling author, for Dukes Are Forever