Missing Presumed Missing

Michael is an anxious twelve-year-old. He is bullied at school and has a strained relationship with his parents. He worries about anything and everything. Taking a short cut home one day through nearby Spinney Wood, he stumbles into a mysterious parallel world. Spinney Wood holds an abundance of dark and frightening secrets: most notably the inexplicable disappearance of many children over the years. Little does he know, this will be the start of a great adventure… Jonty, the biggest bully in school is missing, and only Michael knows where he is. He doesn’t know what to do, and he can’t tell his parents. All he wants to do is disappear and hide away -like a mole! With the help of his newfound friends, Melanie and Ben, Michael returns to Spinney Wood in the hope of rescuing Jonty and uncovering the truth. Will the three of them ever make it back home? Can Michael take control of his own future? And will Spinney Wood’s darkest secrets finally be revealed?