Baby Cakes

Measuring, following steps, and trying again after messy mistakes are all part of the fun when these tots and their kitty help with the baking. The sibling duo from Where’s Bunny? are back in another household adventure, exploring and playing in the kitchen. These little ones know that baking is hard and messy work, but it sure is fun. Put on an apron, gather ingredients, measure the flour-try to keep kitty off the counter! Wash sticky fingers, and let mommy put the cakes in the oven. Waiting is the hardest part, but time flies for these playmates whose patience is rewarded with more than just baby cakes. Little helpers will be keen to work in the kitchen after reading this sweet story. Told in simple text and delivered in a sturdy Toddler Tough board-book format that is perfect for little hands, Baby Cakes highlights curiosity being explored right at home. The small and familiar moments of childhood are cherished in these heart-warming books written by Theo Heras and illustrated by the award-winning Renne Benoit.

Hat On, Hat Off

Baby is getting dressed to go out. But as often as his big sister adds a new piece of clothing, he tosses his hat aside. It’s time for this little one to go out. But which hat will he choose? Red hat, blue hat, striped hat, penguin hat, teddy bear hat? Once that decision is made, that hat just doesn’t stay on while shoes are tied and a jacket is buttoned. One more visit to the potty. And once this child is in the stroller at last, will that hat be on his head? Toddlers will delight in choosing their own hats after sharing charming story, now available in sturdy board book format. A simple, rhythmic text that reflects the everyday challenge of getting a busy toddler ready to go out. Written by Theo Heras and Illustrated with gentle humor by Renne Benoit. “Intimate and cozy…A seemingly simple story is greatly enhanced by nuanced, toddler-friendly details.”-Kirkus Reviews