Radioman: Twenty-Five Years in the Marine Corps : From Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom

_”RADIOMAN tells a universal story — about war, family, and growing up. Andy Hesterman’s 25 years in the Marines span a huge range of world events and personal experiences. I found myself laughing, rooting for him, and shaking my head at the insanity of it all. A great book!” _- Nathaniel Fick, NY Times best-selling author of ONE BULLET AWAY_ From a recruit surviving boot camp to a Major flying combat helicopters and controlling F/A-18s in Iraq, Andy Hesterman shares the pride of the Corps and the pain of saying goodbye to your family for yet another deployment. With Radioman, you’ll feel like you’ve put on the Marine cammies and marched alongside Hesty for over two decades of service to our country. _ – Dell Epperson, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)_”Radioman is far more than the story of one man’s 25-year journey through the modern Marine Corps – as fascinating as that story is. It is also an account of the extraordinary changes – technological, tactical, moral – that have utterly transformed the American military in that time. Both gripping and honest, Radioman is also told with a humor and humility that makes for an extremely pleasurable read.”_ – “Scott Anderson, New York Times best-selling author of THE QUIET AMERICANS”From a Gulf War grunt to a full-fledged Marine Major in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Andrew Hesterman saw it all. _Radioman_ offers a highly personal and unfiltered view of the Marine Corps as it transitioned from the post-Vietnam analog Reagan era to the post-9/11 high-tech George W. Bush and Obama years. _Radioman_ begins with Andy as a recruit at boot camp and the ensuing training that leads to formally becoming a Marine. After comm school and the reserves, Andy is called to active duty in 1991 for the Gulf War, where he experiences combat up close in Kuwait. The next personally, professionally, and politically tumultuous decade brings marriage (and divorce), flight school and helicopter missions in Kosovo, the shock of 9/11, another marriage, and children. Andy’s journey culminates as an officer in Iraq, where he directs air support for the Marines in Fallujah. Co-authored by Robert Einaudi, a close friend of Hesterman’s since high school, _Radioman_ provides an honest and vivid military portrait of the Marine Corps and the modern US military seen through the experiences of one Marine.