I Don’t Have a Cat

A fun story about two new friends, a young boy and a sweet and cuddly cat, who is slowly destroying his bedroom. I Don’t Have a Cat follows a young boy and a cat through his day. He repeats throughout the story that he doesn’t have a cat. Instead of a cat, he says he has a food critic, a homework helper, and a paper shredder. In the end we discover the cat is a lost cat that he’s hoping to keep. But will his parents let him keep it?Look for the companion book, I Don’t Have a Dog.

I Don’t Have a Dog

For dog lovers young and old, this sweet and fun story celebrates the relationship between a young girl and her four-legged best friend. I Don’t Have a Dog is all about… having a dog! In this great read-aloud picture book, a young girl insists she doesn’t have a dog, but instead an alarm clock, a vacuum cleaner, a home security system, and even a homework excuse. Filled with delightful illustrations, this fun and creative story explores all the reasons why dogs are known as our best friends.