Where’s My Easter Basket?

Join a very silly Easter quest with this board book about a bluebird who learns to think inside the basket. In Where’s My Easter Basket? a little bluebird is looking for an Easter basket, but no one has seen one. As she searches, she encounters a fluffy yellow chick, some sweet little jellybeans, colorful painted eggs, and an empty basket. The quest ends when the bluebird’s new friends “discover” an Easter basket by becoming one, together! Combining exuberant art, sweet characters, and a little silliness, Bob Holt’s Where’s My Easter Basket? is just the board book you’ve been hunting for.

When I Grow Up Shaped

What do you want to be when you grow up? In this interactive, sturdy, and photo-friendly shaped board book, readers can try on their dream job! An astronaut, a software developer, an art teacher, a marine biologist, a firefighter, a veterinarian, or a musician. . . What do you want to be when you grow up? Anything is possible when you believe in yourself! Join in on the fun in this interactive, shaped board book and try on different occupations showcased in bold, photo-friendly illustrations. When you place your head in the curve of the book, you become a part of the story! This sturdy and fun format is the perfect, playful gift for every kid with big, aspirational dreams. Don’t forget to snap some photos or have some silly FaceTime fun! #WhenIGrowUpBook.