Up In Smoke – Stories From a Life on Fire : ‘Fascinating, funny, moving’ Richard Herring

‘A hilarious insight into the everyday heroics of firefighter who put their lives on the line for us all’ Russell Brand’A fascinating, funny, moving and occasionally horrifying glimpse into the work of our fire service’ Richard HerringWARNING: MAY CONTAIN CATS UP TREESLeigh Hosy-Pickett has seen it all in his twenty-five years as a firefighter. He’s battled infernos and pulled people from the wreckage of twisted metal but the closest he ever came to death was at the hands of a confused hen do. Now he’s here to tell us the funniest, most eye-opening and moving stories from a life lived amongst the smoke. From blazes involving sex toys, to navigating cannabis farm security measures, this brilliantly warm and entertaining book by a third-generation firefighter is a celebration of the everyday heroism of our Fire Service. But it is also a clear-eyed and honest record of the many sacrifices made in the line of duty and the consequences of that heroism. ‘A likeable and illuminating account… one that will leave readers admiring of firefighters’ skill and grit’ TLS’A real insight into the day to day commitment of our firefighters to our safety and what that entails for our brave men and women’ Nick Knowles