Egyptian Mythology: Seth

Seth was the Egyptian god of war, chaos, and storms. Seth explores the well-known god’s backstory and the role this crafty, devious god played in Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian Mythology: Hathor

Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of women, fertility, motherhood, and love. Hathor explores the well-known goddess’s backstory and how and why the ancient Egyptians worshipped her.

Groundbreaker Bios: Anne Frank

In 1942 Anne Frank and her family went into hiding to escape the Nazis. The diary Anne kept during this time would go on to become a lasting record of this dark period in history. This book explores Anne’s life, her achievements, and her tragic death.

Groundbreaker Bios: Jackie Robinson

In 1947 Jackie Robinson made history as the first Black player in Major League Baseball since the 1800s. Following a legendary baseball career, Robinson went on to become a successful businessman. This book explores Robinson’s life and his groundbreaking achievements.