Lots of Things to Know About Your Body

You’ll never guess what doctors call tummy rumbles or how many smells your nose can recognise, and did you know that you could catch a yawn? This delightful information book is full of fun and surprising things to know about the human body, all brought to life by Susanna Rumiz’s warm, humorous illustrations. You’ll be amazed by what’s inside!

Mathematics for Beginners

This book WON’T test your mental maths or teach you countless ways to find x. It WILL show you just how fascinating maths can be. Can maths make people rich? Can formulas predict which sports teams will win more games? Can equations explain the mysteries of the universe? The short answer to all these is YES. This book explores and explains the ways that the tools of mathematics help people make sense of the world around them, predict the future and, just maybe, how to make life itself better.

Step inside Science: Germs

People talk a lot about germs, but what actually are they? Open the pages of this friendly book to find out. Discover what bacteria and viruses are, how they can spread and lots of different ways to stop them.