Stone Cold

In a kingdom where emotion is punished by death, Princess Syona is forced into a marriage alliance to stop a thirty-year war. She must choose between her duty to the kingdom or the boy she truly loves. In the Kingdom of Ashlon, emotion is considered a weakness and a danger. To help their society run perfectly, the king has ordered everyone to wear enchanted stones that take away emotion. However, there are some people, Malopaths, that are not affected by the stones and are hunted down and executed. The princess of Ashlon, Syona, is a Malopath. She becomes antisocial and stays in the shadows, afraid of her secret being exposed. When her brother dies, Princess Syona becomes the heir to the kingdom and must try harder than ever to fake being emotionless. As crown heir, she must navigate a marriage alliance with an enemy kingdom, political conspiracies, and a love triangle between her betrothed and her childhood friend and guard. Stone Cold shows that emotions are what make humans human and that people shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. Read along as Princess Syona breaks out of her shell and navigates the trials and tribulations she faces throughout her journey.