Manifest Your Dreams : Your beginner’s toolkit for manifesting in 10 easy steps

Your dreams are just within your reach – master the magic of manifestation in 10 steps and bring those dreams to life. Manifesting is a philosophy and a practice to help you visualise and achieve your dream goals, discover self-love and live a life full of good vibes and gratitude. An internet sensation across TikTok and beyond, the world is discovering the power of manifesting techniques. But what is manifesting and how does it work? This book takes you through 10 practical steps for how to manifest, covering what manifesting is to begin with, how you can use it, and different ways of manifesting. It is a beginner’s guide, making it perfect for anyone curious about manifesting but unsure where to start. The author, Natalie Hutchinson aka Manifesting Minnie, is a guiding light for readers who want to manifest their dreams. With her friendly and approachable tone and the book’s beautiful illustrations throughout, Natalie’s tips and instructions are easy to follow. From explaining the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest your desires by planting the seeds of your goals, to harnessing the power of crystals and the moon, Natalie leaves no manifesting stone unturned. This step-by step guide will help you recognise your self-worth, get clear on what you want, ask the universe, work toward your goals, change your mindset, feel the joy, be grateful and set a healthy manifesting routine. *Includes practical techniques such as guides to manifesting with crystals, journaling, visualisation and mastering the 5 x 55 technique.*If you have the power to see something and believe it, you have the power to make it happen.