Magical Explorer, Vol. 3 (light novel)

Still in his first year at Tsukuyomi Magic Academy, Kousuke Takiotocontinues hisfreewheeling routine of clearing dungeons with the heroinesbetween bouts of training. However, his tendency to cut class isn’t lost onthe other students, who now view himas a slacker. Despite this, YukineMizumori can’t help but marvel at how none of thisseems to phase our hero. But Kousuke isn’t content leaving things there-this time, he’llsettle fornothing less than achieving the fastest dungeon clear time in theAcademy!

Magical Explorer, Vol. 2 (light novel)

At long last, Kousuke enters the main setting of the erotic dating simhe’s been reincarnated into, Tsukuyomi Magic Academy. But between usinghis knowledge of Magical Explorer to win the hearts of all the heroines he canand his relentless pursuit of strength in the depths of the game’s hiddendungeons, Kousuke’s student life turns out to be anything but easygoing. And that’s all before a heroine shows up and claims it’s her duty toserve him!