Journey Back to Freedom : The Olaudah Equiano Story

From the horrors of the slave trade to a book that changed the world, Catherine Johnson celebrates the incredible life of Olaudah Equiano in this gripping true story. Born in what is now Nigeria in 1745, Olaudah Equiano’s peaceful childhood was brought to an abrupt end when he was captured and enslaved aged 11. He spent much of the next ten years of his life at sea, seeing action in the Seven Years’ War. When he was finally able to buy his freedom, he went on to become a prominent member of the abolition movement and in 1789 published one of the first books by a Black African writer. Journey Back to Freedom focuses on Equiano’s early life, demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit and one man’s determination to be free.

Rollercoasters: Sawbones

Ezra, a 16-year-old surgeon’s apprentice is enjoying his tutelage under one of London’s top surgeons when he is drawn into a murder mystery. He quickly turns detective in his attempts to discover the connection between the dead bodies that keep turning up. A corpse with a strange tattoo and missing tongue, and a magician who has been poisoned – could there be a connection between the two? As he forms an unlikely alliance with the magician’s daughter, the fieryLoveday, they seek to uncover the mystery of the dead men, before more lives are lost. Set against the bustling backdrop of London in the late 1700s, amongst resurrectionists and corrupt surgeons, Ezra must uncover this mystery, but will it cost him his life?