A Christmas Tree for Jesus : Celebrating God’s Gift to Us

A charming children’s book to remind us of God’s great gift at Christmastime. The forest friends are excited to decorate their community’s tree in a very special way. In a sort of show and tell, each animal will add an ornament on a certain day until the tree is covered with beautiful handmade ornaments. But these aren’t just any ornaments-the animals have been asked to bring an ornament that shows something amazing they know about Jesus. As more and more ornaments adorn the tree, Little Mouse begins to panic about her turn. It seems like all the answers are taken! It’s not until she looks deep inside that she sees the greatest miracle of all-that Jesus came for her . . . and every one of us. A Christmas Tree for Jesus is the follow-up to the heartwarming Christmas storybooks, A Birthday Party for Jesus, Everyone Is Invited to Christmas, A Christmas Pageant for Jesus, and A Christmas Journey for Jesus. This picture book will offer young children a fun, relatable story of forest friends who discover how special they are to God and that the greatest gifts can’t be wrapped.