Namwayut-We Are All One : A Pathway to Reconciliation

Reconciliation belongs to all of us. In this book, drawing from the lessons that he has learned along his pathway from residential school to the leader of Reconciliation Canada, Chief Robert Joseph provides a map for collective change and transformation. Reconciliation represents a long way forward, but it is a pathway towards our higher humanity, our highest selves, and an understanding that everybody matters. In this moving and inspiring book, Chief Joseph teaches us that we have to start to transform relationships with ourselves and each other. As we learn about, honour and respect the truth of stories told by those who have experienced pain and who are grieving intergenerational trauma, we can discover how to dismantle the walls of discrimination, hatred, and racism in our society. Chief Joseph is recognized as one of the leading voices on peace building in our time, with his dedication to reconciliation recognized with multiple honorary degrees and numerous awards. A Hereditary Chief of the Gwawaenuk First Nation and one of the last few speakers of the Kwakwaka’wakw language, his wisdom is grounded in Indigeneous ways of knowing, while making space for us all. The distance we can walk together is one we share. No matter how long or difficult the road, we are all one.