Infinite Dendrogram (Manga): Omnibus 4

The City of Duels is Heating Up!A challenger from Huang He comes to duel Figaro, the local legend. As luck would have it, Ray just so happens to have a front-row seat! Both of these Masters wield powerful Superior Embryos and have no intention of losing. Who will be left standing at the end of this ferocious encounter?As the duel comes to a close, a shadow looms over the city of Gideon. Mr. Franklin, the Giga Professor from the Dryfe Imperium, makes his terrifying debut! The sadistic scientist sets his sights on throwing the city into utter chaos. Unfortunately for him, Ray, Marie, and Rook aren’t about to go down without a fight! Outmatched, outnumbered, and outsmarted, the knights and Masters of the Kingdom of Altar swiftly prepare to retaliate. Will their fighting spirit be enough to defeat this mastermind?

Infinite Dendrogram: Volume 15

Conflict rages at the peace conference between Altar and Dryfe, and fresh battles break out on the city streets. Separate groups seeking the truth are at odds with each other while a lone treasure-hunter makes her own desperate play. And all the while, a grand confrontation approaches that may begin to reveal the world’s mysteries. What exactly are the Control AIs? What is the true nature of the Arch Sage? And, most urgently… How might the people within Infinite Dendrogram avoid the ultimate Game Over?

Infinite Dendrogram: Volume 14

All hopes of peace crumble as Princess Claudiah makes her intentions and demands known. Backed up against the wall and with nowhere else to turn, Ray and his companions must do everything within their power to keep the Kingdom of Altar safe. But even with the combined strength of Altar’s Superiors on their side, will they be able to hold their own against the sheer might of the one hailed as the world’s Physical Apex?