Dirty Diaries

As the sun goes down, players for two unique app-based games come out looking for two different player engagements. In one corner, you have the players of Karigogo, a hunt-or-be-hunted game where players use it to find partners. Starting as prey, winners based on performance and endurance, work their way up to the top collecting servants and become “The King of Beasts.” A new user, Marina, might play shy and meek, but she secretly hides her claws as she devours the competition working her way to the top spot!In another game, but from a first-person perspective, lonely and lost women use an app hoping to find their “savior.” With nowhere else to go, one woman uses the app and truly does find her savior who rescues her from her lowest point. But not just content in her happiness, she hopes to help other women like her find their savior and watch their harem grow!