My Two Blankets : English and Dari edition

My Two Blankets resonates in a special way with people who are seeking asylum. It is a story of the pain associated with being dislocated from home and the familiar. But also of friendship, hope and new beginnings. The Dari/English edition of this beautiful story is a collaboration between the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) in Melbourne, Australia, the Readings Foundation, publisher Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing, and the author and illustrator. Dari was chosen as a language because it is an important community language in Australia and among the top three languages spoken by people seeking asylum who are members of the ASRC. The translation was created by multi-lingual members of the ASRC, who worked with a professional translator in a workshop setting; a process that also assisted their English language learning, and provided insight into possible career paths in translating and interpreting. This new bilingual edition of My Two Blankets will encourage parents to read with their children by allowing them to draw on both English and their home language, conferring value on both. And in that way, support both parents and children towards the lifelong assets of literacy and multilingualism. Perfect for age 3.