The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess, Vol. 1 (light novel)

Shut-in vampire Terakomari, or Komari for short, awakens from her slumberto findshe’s been promoted to a commander of the army! The thing is, though,her newsquad has a reputation for being violently insubordinate. Andalthough Komari wasborn to a prestigious vampire family, her hatred of bloodhas made her the picture ofmediocrity-scrawny, uncoordinated, and inept atmagic. With the odds stacked againsther, will the help of her trusty maid beenough for this recluse to blunder her way tosuccess?

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess, Vol. 2 (light novel)

When Komari unintentionally agitates one of her fellow Crimson Lords,FretteMascarelle, things escalate until she finds herself embroiled in acompetition againstthe other generals. You’d think the Lords would all betough as nails, but…it turns outthat one of them, Sakuna, is even moretimid than Komari herself and shares her loveof reading! Meanwhile, as Villgrows slightly jealous of the two girls’ budding friendship,a sinister plotto assassinate important figures in the Imperial Court brews inthebackground… With so much going on, will the Shut-In Vampire ever get amoment’speace?!

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess, Vol. 3 (light novel)

Komari has finally earned a vacation, and she’ssoaking it all in at a beach resort. That’s when Nelia Cunningham, a commanderfrom the Gerra-Aruka Republic, appears before her with an outrageous offer:Together, they’ll take over the world. At the same time, a commander from theHeavenly Paradise named Karla Amatsu shows up and hits Komari with the exactopposite proposition: Together, they’ll bring about world peace. Before long,the two nations’ clashing agendas drag the whole world into war! Yanked from hersummer holiday, Komari holds the key to the conflict in herhands.