Benny Goes to School

A story about a caring girl and her enthusiastic dog. For tail-wagging and non-tail-wagging readers ages 4 years and up. It’s time for Sam to go to school. She stuffs her backpack as Benny watches. “Bye, Benny, see you later.” But Benny doesn’t want to stay home alone; he wants to go with her! Sam knows that doggies don’t belong at school. But how can she resist those sad puppy eyes? So she says yes, just this once. What will the teacher say?

Mila and Her Friends

A simple and fun story that beckons kids to imagine. – Kirkus ReviewsMila is at Daddy’s today. Sam and Liza, her new friends, come over to play. They pretend they’re monsters. Daddy cheerfully joins in. He gives them funny monster hair and makes delicious monster pancakes with strawberry jam. It’s so much fun! But then Sam’s and Liza’s mommies are suddenly at the door. What will they say of those little monsters?An endearing and simple story about having fun with your friends. For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s emotions.