Rocket Ship Yoga : An Out-of-This-World Kids Yoga Journey for Breathing, Relaxing and Mindfulness (Yoga Poses for Kids, Mindfulness for Kids Activities)

Fun Interstellar-Themed Kids Yoga (Ages 4-8) “Recommended.” “…empowers kids to soar with their minds and imaginations. Simply written, comprehensible text explains the movements and breathing methods required for each pose…” -Kirkus Reviews#1 New Release in Children’s Fitness Books, Children’s Daily Activities Books, and Aeronautics & Space BooksTake a trip to the solar system and get ready to blast off and learn popular kids yoga poses as your child soars through the galaxy. They’ll relax under the stars and do some calming breathing after this imaginative outer space journey. Yoga poses for kids that are out of this world. Watch your child blast off as they join popular children and family recording artist and globally recognized kids’ yoga educator Bari Koral on a cosmic yoga for kids adventure. Based on her hit Bari Koral yoga YouTube channel, Rocket Ship Yoga is filled with her “Rocket Ship” lyrics and approachable kids yoga poses. Beautiful illustrations help guide your child through the poses, along with catchy lyrics that’ll have them engaged with their bodies and minds. This helps boost their balance, coordination and mindfulness in ways only yoga can. Calmness and mindfulness for your little one. Through breathing exercises, Rocket Ship Yoga helps your children learn how to practice mindfulness to calm their minds and manage their body and emotions. Practicing mindfulness helps your children better manage their stress-and find joy and happiness in life’s simplicity. Schools have adopted Koral’s yoga and mindfulness practices to help children deal with stress across the country, and now you can too. Inside Rocket Ship Yoga, find:Accessible and fun yoga poses for kidsMindfulness for kids activities that support emotional wellnessBreathing exercises and techniques for physical healthIf you liked Breathe Like a Bear, My First Yoga, or Breathing is My Superpower, you’ll love Rocket Ship Yoga.