Why Do Flies Like Gross Stuff?

Smelly rubbish, rotting food and piles of poo are disgusting! But not to flies! Why? You have questions, and this book has the answers. Find out all about flies, including their body parts, young, food and behaviour.

Do Vampire Bats Really Drink Blood?

Vampires are made-up creatures that drink blood. But vampire bats are real! Do they really need to drink blood to survive? You have questions and this book has the answers. Find out about vampire bats, including what they eat and their behaviour.

Where Do Worms Go in Winter?

Birds have wings to fly somewhere warm in winter. But worms don’t have wings or even any legs. Where do they go? You will learn all about worms and how they survive when the weather turns cold.

Do Flying Fish Really Fly?

Everyone knows that fish swim. But are there fish that fly? You have questions and this book has the answers. Find out about the lives of certain fish and their unique abilities to move through the water.

Day and Night in the Forest

Spend a day and night in the forest! Learn about this wooded habitat through the fascinating animals that call it home. Leap from tree to tree with a squirrel searching for breakfast. Pounce with a fox on the forest floor. Soar with a hawk as the sun sets. After dark, build a dam with a beaver. What will tomorrow bring in the forest?

Who Is Shaquille O’Neal?

Shaquille O’Neal discovered his love of basketball while spending time in an afterschool program called the Boys & Girls Club of America. Standing over six feet tall by the time he turned eleven years old, Shaq – – as he is affectionately known – – continued to practice the game and stunned the country with his phenomenal skills. From leading his high-school team to its first-ever state title to becoming the first pick in the 1992 NBA draft and going on to win four NBA championships, Shaq proved that he could dominate almost any player. But the fifteen-time All Star who played for six teams throughout his nineteen-year NBA career isn’t just a force on the court, he is also an actor, television host, musician, and businessman who is always ready to crack a joke or bust a dance move. With such a welcoming personality and immense talent, it is easy to see why Shaquille O’Neal is often considered one of the greatest players in NBA history.