Numeracy for Health Professionals

Numeracy for Health Professionals is written for level 1/2 learners who wish to enter the healthcare professions and therefore need Numeracy for Health Professionals to aid their journey. It is written in the Studymates style with no wasted words that gets the reader to the heart of the concept, to save time and aid learning. What lies at the beating heart of Numeracy for Health Professionals is the belief that all can learn mathematics when it is accessible. The author is an expert at making mathematics accessible. The purpose of this book is to cover the mathematics needed prepare learners for study at university. It is designed for those learners who, for whatever reason have few if any qualifications. The book covers:Be able to use non calculator methods to apply the four operations of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Be able to address problems involving number. Know suitability of questions for a data collection questionnaire. Present statistical data and calculate average and range. Recognise the fact that measurement is approximate. Estimate answers to check that calculations are of the correct order. Identify patterns in sequences of numbers. Express proportions as ratios and fractions. Dr Graham Lawler is not a medic. He is a former head of mathematics and is now a regular commentator on the BBC. He has worked as a consultant for BBC Education and for Channel 4 Education, as well as Sam Learning and Smart the white board company. Dr Lawler has lectured internationally and is the author of Understanding Maths and Understanding Algebra (also from Studymates) and Back to the Black: How to get Out Of Debt and Stay out of Debt. He is developing the Maths help studio ( and teaches online.