Yeti Seeks Mate : In Pursuit of Dreams

Yeti (male 28) seeks mate. Can be seen Christmas/Easter roaming Ben Nevis, Snowdon some weekends in between. Migrates to Alps around June. Very friendly, generally harmless, except on ski-slopes. Very safe experienced motorcyclist Britain and abroad – would get sidecar, if nagged. Please write. . . (Personal ad published in a national mountaineering magazine.)From an asthmatic childhood spent on post-war Birmingham bomb-sites, Mike Leaver escaped from cruel State boarding schools to careers as a lab technician, accountant, pleasure-boat captain, and local builder. Mike has also been: a homeless hermit inhabiting a derelict boat surrounded by drug addicts; an adventurer/mountaineer in the UK, Scandinavia, and North Africa; and finally, a semi-retired handyman writing books while enjoying an ideal life off-grid in a converted lorry in a pretty coastal town. Embark on an extraordinary journey of an eccentric pursuing dreams of love, writing and the path to happiness in a memoir that’s as charming as it is quirky.