Worry Monsters : A Child’s Guide to Coping With Their Feelings

A vibrant and fun activity book for 4-7-year-olds to help children overcome their worries and feel happyHelp your child explore their emotions and work through their worries while having lots of fun with the help of this engaging activity book. Worry Monsters uses the techniques employed by child psychotherapists, including mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), to overcome feelings of anxiety and promote calm. Let the Worry Monsters guide you and your child through a range of simple exercises, including:Find your battle cry to help you feel braverGet creative and draw your worry animalFind out what makes us all different, and why every one of us is specialAnd so much more!Part of the new My Healthy Mind series from Vie, a thoughtful and inspiring range of activity and story books for children. This book has been peer reviewed by a child psychologist, and there are explainers throughout just in case your child has questions about the activities.

All About Me : An Awesome Self-Discovery Journal for Boys

A fun and inspiring interactive journal for boys aged 9-12It’s time to be the best you can be and celebrate all your awesomeness!Welcome to the time in your life when lots of big, exciting stuff happens! This companion is here to guide you along the way. It’s full of cool fill-in activities, quizzes to do with friends, tips for achieving your goals and dreams, and advice on how your body will change as you head into your teenage years. Helping you plan and prepare for big days, like starting a new school or taking an exam, and offering some great ideas when you need a confidence boost, this book covers the essentials and so much more!All About Me is for you and you alone, so dive in and get started. Pick up a pen and make this journal as amazing and original as you are. Write a letter to your future self – what would you say?Create the ultimate travel bucket list and dream big. How well do you and your best friend really know each other? Take the quiz to find out!