Let’s Build a Backyard

Slip on your overalls, pop on your hardhat and jump in the digger – let’s build a backyard!We dig, we build, we plant, we sow. We make a place to play and grow. You and me – one, two, three … GO!Work! Work! Work!A fun look at creating a backyard from scratch; from moving the mud and building the fence through to planting a vegie garden and adding in the compost (Poo! Poo! Poo!). Let’s Build a Backyard is a high-energy, brightly illustrated picture book by a real-life engineer, and is the perfect companion to Let’s Build a House. ‘Children from two or three years up will absolutely love getting into it and chanting along. It’s fun to go on the jolly journey from barren block to a garden you’d like to visit, and it seems like the sort of book children will want to read over again, for its rhythms, its logical and simple plot progression, and, of course, the page about spreading manure – “poo poo poo”.’ BOOKS+PUBLISHING

Let’s Build a House

Slip on your overalls, pop on your hard hat and jump in the digger – let’s build a house!First the floor, and then the walls,Then the roof. Let’s build it tall. You and me – we’ll build it all!Up, up, up. A step-by-step look at how a house is constructed from digging the foundations and laying the bricks through to fitting the drains and painting the walls. Let’s Build a House is a high-energy, gorgeously illustrated picture book written by a real-life engineer.