This Changes Everything : When Death No Longer Has the Final Say

When a loved one dies abruptly or before their time, mourners are left with an unmet expectation for a future that no longer exists. This Changes Everything revokes the notion that death has the final say. With humor and unique magical realism, Sonya Joy Mack portrays the life she and her mother, Vicki, would have lived in This Changes Everything-if only her mother had survived. Her story shares a joyful cross-country journey of finding joy and overcoming heartbreak. Sonya’s writing depicts an indelible mother-daughter bond that even her mother’s battle with ALS could not break. She addresses grief from a place of hope and healing, grounded in God’s peace that transcends all understanding. This Changes Everything reminds readers to keep the memories of their loved ones alive, in order to preserve and honor those relationships even after a loved one has passed away.