100 Jet Planes to Fold and Fly

Fold and fly 100 fully coloured paper jet planes – each one its own unique design. This book contains 100 tear-out sheets with guidelines to help you fold, clear, step-by-step instructions for making each type of plane and lots of flying tips.

Science Experiments

How can you bend water with a ruler? What makes grass green? How do machines work? What happens if you add raisins to a fizzy drink? Why don’t seals freeze in icy water? Can anything stop paper clips from sinking? This book will show you how to discover the answers to these questions and more – making you think like a scientist in a few simple steps.

Lots of Things to Know About Animals

You’ll never guess how monkeys clean their teeth, why penguins steal stones, which baby animal is bigger than its parents or just how high bumblebees can fly! All is revealed in this delightful information book, filled with friendly, humorous pictures and quirky, surprising facts about all kinds of animals. You’ll want to share this book with everyone you know!


How many types of sloths are there? Why does their fur turn green? Can sloths swim? This book has all the answers and much more, along with photographs, step-by-step illustrations, simple text and links to websites with video clips and activities.