No Going Home: From the No.1 bestseller : A true story of childhood secrets and escape, for fans of Cathy Glass

From No.1 bestselling author Toni Maguire comes a new true story of abuse and survival. ‘Small children have no say in the direction their lives take. Even before they have learnt to walk and talk, they are trained to obey’Daisy was only four when her parents told her and her older brother that they were moving halfway across the world to Australia for a better life. Leaving everything behind, including her beloved grandparents, she stepped into an unfamiliar world. Daisy’s close and unbreakable bond with her disabled brother helped her navigate her new life, until tragedy repeatedly struck the family. After her parents’ split and she was introduced to her new stepfather, nothing could have prepared her for what followed. All alone in 300 acres of wilderness, Daisy’s only wish was to return home to her grandparents and their love. This is her true story of fear, abuse and, finally, escape.