Bim, Bam, Bop . . . and Oona

An irresistible read-aloud picture book, in which a little odd-duck-out discovers her unique strengths When these ducks go to the pond, it is Bim, Bam, Bop . . . and Oona, always last. They’re all ducks, but Bim, Bam, and Bop are runners, and Oona’s a waddler. “Last is a blot on my life,” she says to her frog friend, Roy. “I don’t feel as big as a duck should feel.” But she’s good with gizmos, Roy reminds her. So Oona tinkers with things, scraps, and strings, and eventually creates just the right gadget to get her to the pond first. Spunky Oona will inspire and delight all who see her final triumphant creation. With its fun read-aloud words (from Brrrrrring to OOO-hoolie-hoo!), her story is wonderful to hear. Its charming illustrations invite readers to imagine our own new gizmos, and her victory reminds us to look for our own special gifts. A tale about being true to yourself, building confidence, and finding friendship, Bim, Bam, Bop . . . and Oona is sure to bring smiles to readers and listeners of all ages.