The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities

The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities is a bumper book of boredom-busting ideas for fun and educational things to do for curious kids and their grown-ups. Developing an awareness of STEM themes from an early age is hugely important and encourages kids to be curious about their world and want to engage with it. This jam-packed collection of fun and simple activities introduces ideas and themes based on science, engineering, technology and maths in an accessible and stimulating way. You can learn about kinetic and potential energy while building an awesome marble run, why your breakfast cereal is magnetic, how to use gravity to make art and even how to grow yucky mould or make stinky slime in the name of science. Using crafts, play and simple experiments, these activities are presented in an easy-to-follow format and make use of everyday materials that you’ll find around the home. Each activity provides a simple explanation of how it works and what the takeaway key STEM points are. Fill those rainy days and school-holiday downtime with things to do that are so much fun, the kids won’t even realise that they are learning at the same time!