Mad For Geography – Flags : Learn How to Read, Interpret and Create Flags

In the Mad for Geography activity-book series, an apprentice geographer and cartographer guide young readers as they explore the fundamental themes of geography – in this case, FLAGS!But, think beyond countries! Vexillology is the study of history, symbolism and the usage of flags. Flags have always been an exciting discovery for big kids. They can analyse their colours, shapes and symbols; learn about theprinciples governing flag creation and mistakes to avoid; memorize their meanings and even design their own!

Maps : Learn How to Read and Draw the World

An apprentice geographer and cartographer will guide children in the discovery of one of the fundamental themes of geographical knowledge: maps. Starting from the tools used by the geographer and the cartographer, then passing on to present the various types of geographical maps and then, to follow, to understand how they are built, children will be taught to read, interpret correctly as well as create and use the maps to make them, read them and use them, through playful and fun activities that also include the use of stickers.