Tumph and Frilletta

Letterbugs are small pear-shaped little beings that live in the postal system and are good at making sure they are not seen. They are able to make themselves flat so as not to be discovered and they travel the world in letters and sometimes in parcels. Georgie first met his small friend, Tumph, because he had failed to wake up at the sorting office and had been delivered to him in a letter. (You can read about this adventure in the book Tumph!)In this story it is the beginning of half term when Georgie receives a letter from his cousin in Australia, and he is delighted to find his small friend, Tumph inside. This time he is not alone… he’s brought a friend with him: Frilletta, a pretty little letterbug who wants to meet Georgie because she’s never met a human being before! Tumph has told her all about how he met his large friend and the fun they had had and so she too has very much wanted to meet him. What new adventures can they all get up to?