The Musings of a Muse : Forgive or Forget

People always wanting your help? Well, it’s not a-muse-ing… Far from it, in fact! Kanadra, a muse from the realm of Callowdon, hates her life. She hates being a muse, she hates helping people and, most of all, she hates the Muse Council, the pinnacle of the muse hierarchy. And after what they did to her, who can blame her?Sent to Earth on the orders of her merciless bosses, Kanadra is saddled with her first charge and tasked with ‘Inspiring them with a solution to an impossible problem.’ Reluctantly, Kanadra accepts and embarks on a pursuit to find answers for her charge, only to be thwarted by enemies from both this world and her own. Can Kanadra put aside her deep-seated grievance long enough to help her charge overcome theirs… and can she do it with her immortal life slowly slipping away?