A Little Book About Books : Quotes for the Bibliophile in Your Life

The world of books in one little book. It doesn’t matter how well read you are, A Little Book About Books is packed full of quotes, one-liners and famous lines from names that everyone will recognise. For bibliophiles, they’ll enjoy recognising their favourite passages and authors, all captured in one place. For the less-well-read, they can enjoy discovering new, illuminating quotes and passages that will provide guidance, humour and food for thought. Enjoy exploring the world of books, and the power of writing, in one small, perfectly giftable book. SAMPLE QUOTES: ‘Let us read and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.’ -Voltaire. ‘Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.’ – A. A. Milne. ‘There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favourite book’ – Marcel Proust. ‘When I think about how I understand my role as citizen, setting aside being president… the most important stuff I’ve learned I think I’ve learned from novels.’ – Barack Obama.

The Little Guide to Leonard Cohen : I’m Your Man

Without a doubt one of the most important, influential and acclaimed artists since the 1960s, Leonard Cohen is admired by fans, musicians and composers the world over. His death in 2016 at the age of 82 was front-page news globally. The deeply personal nature of his work, and its profound insight into humans and human nature see him revered as a lyrical genius, and for good reason. His ongoing themes of depression, love, religion and relationships struck a chord with fans all over the world and his albums (as well as his books of poetry) sold accordingly. The Little Guide to Leonard Cohen features quotes from the man himself, as well as contributions from many great artists and commentators. Cohen had many celebrity fans, including Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Judy Collins and more. This book contains many insightful, witty and meaningful quotes by and about Leonard Cohen, as well as fascinating facts, song lists and more. SAMPLE QUOTE: ‘My reputation as a ladies’ man was a joke. It caused me to laugh bitterly through the 10,000 nights I spent alone.’ – Leonard CohenSAMPLE FACT: ‘Hallelujah’ has been recorded by more than 200 artists, in many languages. Many of the cover versions have outsold Cohen’s original.

The Little Guide to Taylor Swift : Words to Shake It Off

‘Just be yourself, there is no one better.’ From her girl squad to the Swifties to the world at large, Taylor’s the BFF of the pop music world. As the go-to shoulder to cry on and chronicler of heartbreak, she relates her personal life and experiences in a ‘dear diary’ style in her music, but the artist is even more popular than her hit songs. One of the most followed on social media, she is a defender of the underdog, open about her feminist and pro-choice views and frequently speaks up against sexism and LGBTQ discrimination. This collection of Taylor’s relatable, inspiring and hugely optimistic quotes and lyrics reveals a caring, generous personality who is all about ‘the feels’ and following your dreams. Sparkling with positivity and feel-good vibes, Taylor is always there to give you the best advice and lift you up when you’re down – she’s your own personal cheerleader. SAMPLE FACT: Swift has so far won a whopping 11 Grammys, smashing several records for the most wins as artist and as female artist.

The Little Guide to Abba : Thank You For the Music

ABBA blasted their way onto the global pop scene with a Eurovision Song Contest win in 1974. The song, ‘Waterloo’, the band’s tenth single, was a top 10 hit around the world and spurred them on to enormous chart success with singles, then albums, then compilations selling in the millions. They truly conquered the world, recording, touring, performing and entertaining huge crowds everywhere they went, but after less than a decade, the dream was fading and they went their separate ways, seemingly never to record together again. The superstardom was over, but their music continued to be popular and in every decade that passed the question was asked: will ABBA ever re-form? The answer was always no – they even allegedly turned down a billion-dollar tour – until the late 2010s, when rumours and announcements abounded and finally, to enormous global fanfare, the band revealed that a new 10-track album would be released in November 2021, and a virtual avatar tour would take place in from May 2022; fans went wild. The Little Guide to ABBA celebrates everything the super Scandinavian pop group represents: brilliant pop music, 70s style, influence on hundreds of subsequent acts and an enduring legacy. SAMPLE QUOTE: ‘I had a dream, and it was fulfilled by meeting with Benny, Bjorn and Agnetha.’ – Anni-Frid LyngstadSAMPLE FACT: ABBA Gold is the #2 bestselling album of all time.

The Little Guide to Bob Dylan : How Does it Feel?

‘All I can do is be me, whoever that is.’ The many ides of Bob Dylan are revealed in this collection of the artist’s words and lyrics. Having celebrated his 80th birthday in May 2021, with plaudits given around the globe, this influential and enigmatic troubadour-poet has been a-changing with the times since the 1960s, when he was the ‘voice of a generation’. Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winner, musician, artist, author and actor, the living legend’s words have inspired, enthralled, provoked and puzzled generations of fans, literary buffs, musicians and songwriters – and have been mulled over by academics and artists alike. This collection of quotes – humorous, grave, desperate, passionate, fearless, surreal – includes a rich tapestry of confessions, admonitions, laments, prophecies and existential meanderings. Interspersed with fascinating facts, The Little Guide to Bob Dylan sheds light on the deep inner workings of this taciturn man and his music. SAMPLE FACT: Many of Dylan’s songs were hits for other artists, including the No.1s ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ for the Byrds, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ for Jimi Hendrix and ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ for Peter Paul & Mary.

The Little Guide to Elton John : Wit, Wisdom and Wise Words from the Rocket Man

Sir Elton Hercules John has enjoyed a phenomenal career filled with success, excess and achievement. His farewell tour was announced as more than 300 dates across all corners of the glode for years. Illness, Covid-19 and other extenuating circumstances conspired to prolong it, but the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour concerts have sold out everywhere as fans take their opportunity to see this unique artist for possibly the last time live on stage. The Little Guide to Elton John celebrates the career, music and character of one of the most interesting, colourful, engaging and interesting popular musicians ever. The book reviews his career and countless highs, and recognizes his many record-breaking achievements, in music, in his charity work and farther afield.