Animal Adaptations: Extreme Conditions : and How Other Animals Survive the Heat or Darkness

Look through the cut-outs and guess who it is! First a game, then plenty of funny and interesting animal facts. Find out how frogs survive in the desert, how otters have adapted to life in the water, and which bird can fly the highest. What other extreme conditions can animals survive? Thanks to the fun layout with cut-outs, at first only a part of theanimal’s body is revealed on the page. Will the young reader be able to tell which animal that tail, that fur, or those legsbelong to? All you have to do is open up the page and the animal appears in all its glory, with the child learning why theanimal looks the way it does. So let’s get started!

What Things Come From Nature?

Look under the flaps and find out what does nature give us. Have you ever wondered, how long does a tree grow before it becomes the chair you’re now sitting on? Or how did cow’s milk turn into the ice cream that cools you off in summer? Explore the origin of things we use in everyday life. Have you ever wondered how many of the things around us come from nature? There are so many things, including wooden furniture, metal utensils, beeswax, and bread. We rarely-if ever-think about how diffi cult all this was to make. How long did a tree grow before it became the chair you’re now sitting on? How did a cow’s milk turn into the ice cream that cools you off in summertime? This book will show you which materials go into making the stuff we use in our everyday lives. Look beneath the fl aps and fi nd out what we’re sourcing from the natural world around us.