Bombus Bombus : The Humble Bumble Bee

It’s spring – can you hear the buzzing? It’s Bombus Bombus, a very big, beautiful queen humble bumble bee who has just woken up from her long winter sleep. She’s hungry so she goes looking for flowers and somewhere to build her home. But everywhere is already taken. She needs to find somewhere to have her family so they will keep safe, and grow up to become pollinators like Bombus Bombus. Seventy years ago when Douglas Proctor was at school, nature walks were a weekly occurrence. In those days bumblebees were very common, but not so today. Bumblebees are not aggressive creatures, they need love and care – just like ladybirds and butterflies! Bumblebees are an important part of the pollination process, and you should know they are really good at it. Just listen for that magic buzz in springtime and Bombus Bombus will show you how special she is. This lovely book is perfect for ages 5 and upward!